In a new series I started taking photos in the Schermer. As one of the many beautiful polders in North Holland, I started here because it is a fairly compact polder with great picturesque pieces. If, as in the fall, the light is so beautiful, you can shoot the most beautiful scenes.

Often a separate point of view sometimes helps to make the photo a little different than usual. An example is the photo below where I sometimes got the question why the dike is so prominent for the mills.

The embankment before the mills

The answer is very simple, I deliberately chose this. The dikes form a prominent part of the polder landscape and the mills that disappeared behind them gave this a nice accent.

Another accent of the polder is the space. Sometimes you just don't have to be afraid to take too few pictures. A polder is now a lot of space and you can also use that accent. See also the rule of space. A low horizon can further accentuate the feeling of space.

The rule of space

For the best image you can click on the photo, then you can click it on Flickr in a higher quality. The series will grow slowly. You can also view it here in good quality by clicking on a small photo below, you can then switch back and forth between the photos.

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