Yesterday I was in Affinity Photo to look at my photo brushes and I saw some watercolor brushes in between. That challenged me to immediately try to see what effect they have and whether they really resemble watercolor. Indeed, there are quite a few that really give a watercolor effect. then I started working on photos, which made me end up in the more abstract work again.

Abstract with a sense of reality. The performances that I made were in line with current events, something that had happened that day but not on purpose with national impact. They can also be things from my immediate environment. As an example the representation below.

Hairdryer Suicide

Beond Autumn

This impression is the result of a conversation I had that day in which suicide appeared as a subject. There were also thoughts about the implementation and one of the options mentioned was to sit in the bath with a hairdryer. That again gave the subject for this creation.

Another example that you now hear a lot about is the mothers with children who are still in Syria. What I then have in mind is "How the hell do they get there? What moved them to go to such an area and have children there." Is it really that dangerous to get them back? All those questions are also represented by the cover of the face.

Fading Mothers

I have just started this series. The nice thing is that I don't know how and when it will end. For now it's fun and exciting enough to continue with it.

Santa's Disappearance In The Night
Santa’s Disappearance In The Night

Maybe something for you too? Fun to do and I would like to see how you display current events.

When Your Name Is On The Wall

fading mothers


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