Recently I received a question via my mail, "Why have your photos changed over time?" My answer was "Photography should be fun". This caused quite a bit of wonder because, according to the writer, it was not an answer to the question. This is my explanation why it is.

I have been taking photos from a young age. The camera was a second-hand, or perhaps third, and it was such a camera with a double eye and a 6 × 6 film in it. The photo below gives an impression of it. You looked up at the camera where there was a milky glass on which the image projected.

A very luxurious box

Beond Autumn

I quickly became very careful with taking photos. Movies cost money and I didn't have that much at the time. I asked a lot of movies on my birthday. I even brought him to Paris where I took the photos of my life (it wasn't that long then). I was about 13 years old at the time, but photography had already caught me. My father had a Pentax SLR at the time and I tried to catch it sometimes, but yes, that didn't work that often because of course my father used it mostly. We had made a dark room in a closet at home where we developed our films and printed photos ourselves. We sniffed some chemicals, but then nobody cared.

Analoge film

When I went to work next to my school a dream came true. I could save for an SLR, it didn't have to be too expensive and in that time it quickly became a Praktica with Pentacon lenses. I have used this camera for a long time. I learned so much from it. Everything had to be set manually, even autofocus was there not . Soon I made beautiful analogue photos including macro. Very soon Pentacon lenses were added so I could do this. At that time I also became a member of a photo club where I also learned a lot. It was around 1980.


There always seems to be a time after that when the camera is in the cupboard and you are too busy with other things. This is also the case with me. I still made the switch to the Nikon F50 where I became acquainted with autofocus, but it was never again like taking occasional photos of the children or something like that. I also had some smaller digital cameras at that time. It only became serious again when I received a D200 with associated lenses and flash units in 2013. I could enjoy myself.

Nikon D200

Photographing became more serious again. I took an account on Flickr and in 2015 the first Explores arrived. In this way Flickr shows what they find interesting photos to a certain extent. A D7100 also came when the D200 gave up with its auto focus. My photos received a very high rating and I felt that I always had to meet a high standard. I tried that too until I didn't like it anymore.

Het roer ging om, mijn foto’s werden meer en meer een soort reportage foto, straatfotografie ging ik meer doen en ik moet het nu vooral leuk vinden. Sinds 2016 doe ik dat nu zo. Ik heb geen Explores meer gehad maar het is weer leuk. Het enige wat ik nog zou willen is wat meer tijd om foto’s van anderen wat uitgebreider te voorzien van reacties.

Oh yes, and before I forget, lately I have been taking photos again with a compact camera, but with a large sensor. It fits in my pocket, has a viewfinder and beautiful quality. The Sony RX100.

Mijn RX100

Below you see my photo of today with this camera, a stop on the way to work because I saw this sky. Photography is fun again!

I’m on my way



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