Every year you see them again, people who wander through the fields to sit among the flowers for a so-called beautiful photo. Photography is OK, but the tulips do not bounce. It can cause a lot of damage to the bulbs and with that you help someone from his income, probably several people. The photo below is an example of how this grower is trying to solve it.

Photography is OK!

This board clearly states what is and is not allowed. By keeping to this, I was able to walk around on the land (not among the flowers) with confidence and take pictures at the edges of the flower beds. The title photo is an example of this.

Also warn others who do not abide by those rules. Unfortunately, it is often foreigners who do this, but they also understand an angry look. After all, if this continues, they will also spoil it for the well-wishing photographer.

Below I show a few examples of photos that are easy to take without crushing other flowers.

As you can see, you can go anywhere beautifully to make beautiful detailed shots. In addition, an overview photo is also nice, especially if you can show something of the work that it costs to grow the bulbs. The spraying installation is an example of this. The man who carried out the spraying was driving the tractor all day to maintain three fields of spraying. This had to happen for a certain time, then the spray installation had to go somewhere else. A lot of work! So photography is OK, but pay attention to the tulips!

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