Photography is not just camera, click and upload or print. Those who claim that they do not perform any operations are usually wrong. I don't know anyone who considers his RAW files ready without modification. I sometimes hear that they have the settings on JPG and do nothing about the photo. A pity, but then the camera does it for you, so it is edited but not by yourself. Photographing is like painting and you adjust the photo to your taste, what you want to say with it and other considerations of a creative nature. I sketch it on the basis of an example.


The above photo is directly from the camera, without editing. I have loaded it into my RAW editor and I want to make various changes. The photo is a bit pale so I want to pick up the colors with contrast and saturation. In addition, the photo may be sharpened somewhat. The photo was taken with a high ISO value. The result from the camera is not bad when it comes to noise, but I want to get rid of it as much as possible. Below you see examples of before and after the noise reduction in the software.


The noise here is 100% considerable, even though the camera is known for its good noise reduction, but of course at ISO 6400 it is there anyway.


This is the same photo with noise suppressed at the same time. As you can see my software has excellent noise reduction.

The colors, as stated earlier, in my opinion also need a boost and the photo can be sharpened a bit. For this, the RAW editor has tools to adjust the entire photo but also to adjust parts of the photo locally. For example, I have increased the saturation of the red currant a little higher than the rest. I apply the sharpening to the overall image. You can see the result below.

End result

Here you can see that all photos are more or less edited, either in camera or in software. I prefer to choose the software so that I can control everything myself. I don't want my camera to decide. That is because if you do not convert your files yourself. They are always processed, by you or the camera. The choice is yours. Photography is like painting!

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