Since 2013, Flickr had a very large limit of 1 TB, yes, Terabyte, memory for free users. They have now announced that this will be reduced to a limit of 1000 photos. A lot of indignation has arisen among many good users, but is that justified?

In addition to good users, there were also many users who only used the free web space as extra storage on the web. They join the photo community for a while, follow some people and then you see only bad photos appear from their mobile that are automatically saved. In that period everyone also got a lot of followers that you never heard from again.


In addition to becoming Pro of a number of people who want to stay with all their photos, others have started a clean-up action of all their photos. So that is a conscious choice. A number of people will choose another free alternative such as Google foto’s of andere alternatieven maar die hebben over het algemeen veel nadelen ten opzichte van Flickr.

That is also going to mean something for those who remain. Flickr will in the first place clean up considerably of users who were not waiting for, inactive members who were only members because of the disk space and not because of photography. That can also mean that you lose a number of followers because they are leaving Flickr looking for an alternative to the 1 TB. Well and, I would say, they were no longer active anyway. In addition, I expect that the quality of FLickr will increase rapidly. So it is not only disadvantages with this step.

For those who have more than 1000 photos, the cleaning by Flickr itself will soon take place by removing the oldest photos until you are within the limit of 1000.

Below is another example of how sensitive it is for some users, and this user also has a point in terms of content.

De absurditeit die Flickr ook heeft!
Alfred Grupstra

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