Nik Collection

Boots for Silver Efex

Men IN Boots

With Boots I created a preset that would show a work photo or an industrial photo with an old toning that you used to see in factory photos. The photos are quite textured and the contrast is higher than average…


Animal Preset for Color Efex

Animal Preset I created once to give my color animal pictures a nice bright look and to display details nicely. With this preset I do work a lot with Control Points, to make effects work locally. It also picks up…


Six Contrasts for Silver Efex


Last year I developed some presets for my black and white photos to work with contrast and light. This means you have to work a lot with Control Points to get the right light accents, so learn this. Below is…


Old Drenthe preset


I made this preset for the latest version of Silver Efex but it also works with older versions. I used the sepia effect and contrast and also adjusted the whites and blacks to give an old effect. I did not…