Color Efex Old Photo preset

This setting for Color Efex that I created specifically to give photos the look of a 60s or 70s photo is available for download. This preset for me makes a nice atmosphere and muted colors but of course you can adjust everything and use it on other photos. It is easier to use than the Multifilm preset because it has less settings and has slightly less possibilities, so it is suitable for faster work. You can download it here below. Install it in Color Efex. At the bottom of this article there is a link to a short instruction on how to install presets.

Below is an example. From the images you can determine if the preset is for you.

Before and after processing

voor de presetgraves

By moving the bar you can see how the photo is before and after editing

Download the file

You can download the file by clicking the button below.



In the article you get a step by step explanation. Enough information to see how to do this.

nik collection dxo
Nik Collection
Delen is alleen maar eerlijk