Through all the commemorations of the first World War I asked myself, what do I know about that war? Yes, the second is broad in the Netherlands! But the first one? No, except for some refugees and a changing world, we have not noticed much and have little eye for it. But when you see this series the complete madness penetrates you.

A few facts alone, a total of 30 million people died. Old warfare from the time of Napoleon with cannons, tanks, planes and submarines. The number of countries that participated really encompassed the entire world, never before have so many people been drawn into war on a global scale. She also initiated a process that soon (about 20 years later) would lead to an even more terrible war, the Second World War with again millions and millions of victims.

Images of this are now computer controlled, converted to color images. The reason, however, is that the people who were there also experienced the war in color. Modern technology from 100 years later, the film works towards a realistic image. The same techniques that we also use in our photography are used here.

You can follow the entire series of 7 parts here and be amazed at what happened then. In color, and not like the title photo left in black and white.

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