Today I took the first photos outside with the Sony RX100. The test was done under not too good light conditions and I left the camera on automatic intelligent mode this time. What struck me is that in most cases the scene choice of the device is completely right. That therefore gives a good indication that fast photos can be taken in the car position. So that is a nice bonus.

Sony RX100

Why choose the RX100? There are already 5 versions and all of them can do more per version. That is precisely the reason why I bought the simplest camera. It is a real no bullshit camera with excellent qualifications for photography. I know that other cameras such as the RX100-M4 can do a lot in the field of video, it is even the blog camera par excellence, but I am not going to blog. I just want to take beautiful pictures and the first version of this camera is excellent as I will show in the first test shots.

As said, the photos were taken in the excellent intelligent car mode. That means that I will probably soon come up with a setting that gives the best results and that stores it in the camera. You can save your own settings in a number of presets. Below you can see an impression of these first shots. There is both a color and black and white version of each photo.

Brady bunch
Brady Bunch kleur
Curiousity Killed The Cat
Curiousity Killed The Cat kleur

All in all after this first test I am very satisfied. The quality is excellent due to the large sensor in the device and the device is so small that it practically never stands out and does not scare people away. The Brady Buch certainly didn't notice anything!

More information about the camera on the Sony Website.

Brady bunch
Brady Bunch


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