Now that the cold days are coming, I once started looking for a solution for something that I had long had with it. All types of lighting that I used with macro barely met. I have fired, in itself a great way of course for the photo, but then you are still messing around in the dark at a high aperture, especially if you use Live View.

For a while I worked with small LED lights. They satisfied themselves better, at least you had constant light, albeit a low yield. I actually had an idea with larger LED lamps but for photography they were a lot more expensive and I wanted to try it quietly first. Then I came up with the idea of the construction lamp, nowadays called Floodlight.

The newest series of floodlights with integrated power supply combines all the advantages of the well-known floodlights with a new sleek black design. This outdoor product is easy to assemble thanks to the enclosed twisted mounting bracket. A new feature of these floodlights is the quick connector, which makes the product easy and quick to connect. This floodlight has a brightness of 750 lm and an energy consumption of only 10W. The color temperature is 4000K and the lifespan is 30,000 hours. The powder-coated aluminum housing is protected against dust and spray water (IP65), so that this product can be used in all weather conditions. Anyway perfect for indoor but possibly also for outdoor use. I bought two for € 10 each, so I couldn't bump into that. In addition, two cords of 1.50 m and equipped with a switch for € 3 each and I was completely ready. Everything was prepared and assembled in 5 minutes, ready for the experiment. Apart from practicality, it also looks nice! An additional advantage, the lamps do not get hot, unlike a set of lamps that I had with a macro tent that got so hot and smelly that you felt that the place would burn any time.

The experiment

Now look for a random object to try. A willing terrain is the kitchen, plenty of things and wall sockets in abundance, at least with us. Soon my eye fell on the glass olive bowl with a spoon in it, a nice object to start. The lights were quickly put down, macro lens on the camera and just shoot. The first thing that strikes us in this setup is that the two lamps of only 10W provide enough light. The automatic white balance of the camera adjusts smoothly to the 4000K, which gives hope for manual adjustment in the RAW processor. I was able to shoot this macro out of hand, ISO 200 at a shutter speed of 1/200. Fine. You can see the result below. Mind you, this is without any fine tuning and so off the pulse, if the idea is better thought out, the result is generally even better!


I like these types of lamps, they give a lot of air and the temperature of the light is easy to control. They last 30,000 burning hours and the whole set only cost me € 26. You can also try heavier lamps, but watch out for the light in your photos. Now let's experiment with difusors, softbox and the like.

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