Christmas greetings with baubles, fir branches, horse sleigh and more of that kind of performances are widely known. That's why I thought, "Oh, why does it always have to be this way?" I have mixed the element of Christmas with some abstraction expressions of Christmas.

As a first reference to Christmas I have put a Santa in the picture, but one that is not wearing his everyday red suit. He is wearing black clothing, which makes his lavish white beard stand out even better. In addition, I thought it would fit better with the image I was making. It is a photo of a statue on a black background.

Santa Claus in dark suit on a black background

I then created the environment in which it would be placed. I was thinking of the Rubic Cube that has been in many Christmas presents. Furthermore, Christmas is a celebration of light and dark and of warmth. So it had to be a sleek and warm image with cubes. The Abstract Curves program was very suitable for this. After some adjustments and adjustments, the figure below came out.

The figure made in Abstract Curves, called Cubic

The figure in itself was pretty nice, only I wanted to have a little more glow, Santa also had to go in. I use the Affinity Photo program and my set of NIK plugins for this. First I loaded and processed the Cubic with NIK Color Efex until it had the right warmth and glow. Then I put Santa Claus in the next layer so that the two figures could be edited independently of each other. An example in the photo editor is shown below.

The photo in Affinity, it has already been merged for export

After exporting, he was completely ready and he could upload to Flickr. I do this via DXO Photolab which is easier than via the web browser. You can view the end result on Flickr by clicking on the image below.

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