On November 24 we were in Drenthe where you could still see plenty of autumn. A strange sight in itself, but it became completely strange when we came across this fresh green field. The calm autumn weather keeps the trees in the leaves longer and you will encounter such green lands.

Below I will show a few examples with the story included. The first photo was taken in Westerbork. It is the entrance to the cemetery behind the church. The people behind it are already past their autumn but the trees are not.

Beond Autumn

Beond Autumn

You can see here that the trees are still beautifully in the leaves and give a beautiful color to the photo. Although this is a different kind of autumn photo, the color has a gate function, you will see what lies behind it.

Another example that you see a lot now is a low sun, everything still moist and shimmering as in the photo below.

Low Sun

Autumn breathes through the entire color of the photo, but in fact it is almost winter and the scene might as well have been frozen to the time of the year. This photo was made in Orvelte where almost every spot is idyllic.

Do you have a photo with a lot of overexposure or a lot of light? No disaster. I have taken the example below against the sun, knowing what it would do with the photo, but then the plan was already the photo below.

Black and White Sun

The shimmering on the reeds gives the photo a distinct effect and the high light on the horizon is calculated and I find it not annoying, it is part of the photo.

Below the map so that you know a little about the environment in which the photos were taken.



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