This time the first photo from 2020 is back in nature, but close to home. An advantage of living close to a wooded area is the animals associated with it. The wreath at the birdhouse only hung for a few days, and the buyers approached it in large numbers. Even the larger ones that were actually too large. When they try, it is a lot of fluttering and swinging to and fro, which certainly did not make taking the photo easier. In addition, the lighting situation was also not optimal.

As a result, I had to look for the edge in terms of settings. I started with a shutter speed of 1/320 which yielded less desired results because the ISO value at 6400 came out at a small aperture. The noise could be corrected in the software, but still often details are lost.

Eventually I came up with a better result with a shutter speed of 1/160 and the ISO at 3200. The corrected image is therefore better than with an ISO of 6400. With this position I have taken the best photos.

The Little Visitor

Furthermore, taking photos is mainly a matter of waiting. So you better have the time or a lot of luck.

For now, wish you a very healthy and happy 2020! I hope everyone can show beautiful things again.

Vlaamse Gaai


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