Darktable is an extensive free program to edit RAW recordings. Images can be adjusted using non-destructive processing. Darktable can handle JPEG, RAW, CR2, HDR and PFM files. Darktable is available for Windows, macOS and Linux, so actually available for every operating system.

So it's a great alternative to Lightroom, it's free and it delivers great results. It is not for nothing that it is the fastest growing photo editor, it is good and free. You can download the installation files from their website.

Darktable 2


Download Darktable from their own website. Don't forget to view the news and blog for great information.

If you want more information or lessons about this program, Google for this program or search on Youtube. There is a wealth of information on the internet including good instructional videos.

As a start, we show you below the introduction video about Darktable in which you get to see a nice number of possibilities of this software in 5 minutes.

Een intoductie van Darktable

I would say, just try it out, a good alternative and free too. A pleasant workflow that resembles that of Lightroom makes switching easily. And you save € 140 a year.

Darktable in diverse talen

As you can see above, Darktable can be set in various languages, including Dutch.

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