This preset makes a beautiful contrasting black and white photo, which can create beautiful silhouettes in the dark areas. In general I make additional adjustments in presets by means of checkpoints, color adjustments and other settings. I will show you the first before and after situation below.

I found the color image a bit too flat so I decided to boost it with my Dark Mood preset that you can download on this page. If you are interested in the settings that are in it, you can view and change them all.

I used control points in the photo to make the foreground lighter in the final result. I think checkpoints are perfect for making these kinds of adjustments (I first had to get used to them).


You control the control points from this window on the right. You click them in the right place on the photo, adjust the size and you can adjust all settings individually and selectively.


Also on the right-hand side is this box that contains the 6 basic colors. Most people never use it, and that is a shame. With this you can make colors (on the original photo) lighter and darker on the black and white photo. So I can make a blue sky completely dark by setting the slider all the way to -100 or all white by setting it to +100 or I can choose any value in between. You often have to move more controls for the desired result because most colors in a photo are mixed colors. With the curve you can still make some adjustments in terms of contrast and shades of gray.


Install presets on the left side of the screen. You almost see an IMPORTED box at the bottom with a + on the side. By clicking on the + you can look up the file on your hard drive and install it.

Download the preset:

analog presets
NIK Software

Install presets

In an article you see step by step how to install presets in the NIK software. In addition, you can watch in a video how that works.

You can save the photo in a larger format Flickr view by clicking on the photo below.

When You Stay Behind The Fence You Never Step Out Of The Shadow!

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