After downloading Black & White Projects 4 I thought it would be nice to make a few presets for this program. This is my first and it's called Custom Blue. When you see the title photo, the name of the preset is immediately clear. In itself it surprised me how beautiful the effect can actually be by giving a cool blue color. you can compare it below in a before and after situation.

As you can see the preset gives a nice cool blue tint but it also has the necessary sharpening of the photo. You must import the preset by clicking the import button on the left. All settings are then included in the preset, only the toning at the bottom on the right should be set to the right color. So you can also choose a different color if you want.


If you adjust a preset, only the settings are saved from the expert mode. The tinting is not included. This only to illustrate this. Next time I will make a preset with some more changes in the expert settings. See also the manual that you can download.

Hier onder kun je de preset downloaden.


Zip file

Download the file via the link or the button. The download is in the zip file.

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