On Ice

Cormorants on the ice

During a brisk winter, you often get the great opportunity to get closer to animals because they want to stay close to food. So too with a group of Cormorants that had sought out open water in the city, in this case in Medemblik.

To get to them, however, I first had to go down along the bridge near a dike, there was a narrow path that was covered with feces and blood. It was immediately clear that they still knew how to get food.

It was well worth the walk along the trail. Never before have I been able to get so close to Cormorants and take such detailed pictures as I did that time of these birds. You can then also see nicely the differences that these birds have, while at first I had the image that they were all practically the same.

The photos were taken with a 70-300mm lens so I could get them extra close. also the DOF can be set nicely so they stand out nicely from the background. Below you can see the series of photos that have not yet been posted on Flickr.

Het is alleen maar eerlijk om te delen: