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Controlling colors in Luminar

Today I noticed that, with me, there are many people who find the color of quite a few Looks in Luminar too bright. Now a Look is nothing else than a preset. Besides the percentage effect, you can also adjust other settings such as the colors. The name Look is therefore somewhat confusing because it implies a fixed setting while it is actually a preset. We are going to adjust one as we want it. Then you can ask the question “So why are you using that Look?”. Now, a look is a composite of color enhancements and effects like glow or glow. Often I like an effect but the colors are too bright, hence I use them but adjust the colors.We’re going to look at this using an example.

Theater the Park in Hoorn

Above you see a RAW version of a picture I took of Schouwburg het Park in Hoorn. It is a typical RAW output of a camera in which the necessary adjustments can still be made. It is still a bit pale and the colors are not as vivid as I would like them to be. I load it into Luminar and have a starting situation as shown below.

Initial situation

What you see here is the editing screen. On the left side the Library with all my photos and at the bottom the presets which are called Looks in Luminar. The looks you see here are from “Dramatic Landcapes V1“, A set of presets that you can buy separately from Luminar. Because I want to make the color of the green roof stand out better I choose the look Color Boost. I already know that the bare bushes in the foreground are going to be too bright, I can see that in the preview. After applying the look I get the following image.

The look is applied

For those who like this, you are done. However, I think the color of the winter shrubs is too bright and I want to change it. In the panel on the right, you can see by the brightly displayed items which ones are set or which ones are already permanently activated as a suggestion to use. Usually under the Creative tab as the color styles option is selected but not activated because no style has been chosen. I go for color setting to the choice Color under Essentials where I do most of the adjustment work for the colors of the look.

Colors with advanced settings

Now I go straight to the advanced settings because there I can edit the colors more or less individually. I want to change a couple of things, the color of the bare bushes down, the color of the roof of the theater a little more prominent and there’s some purple in the sky which I want to accentuate. First the color of the bushes.

Orange down

I think the presence of an orange color in the bushes is too high. I can do something about that in 3 ways, I can change the hue, the saturation or the luminance. I usually use a combination of saturation and luminance when I make adjustments. The color itself I usually don’t change. This is where I throw the saturation down and the luminance up. Next I’ll deal with the most prominent eye-catcher in the photo, the roof of the theater.

Raise Emerald-like color

Here I increase the Emerald like color by throwing up the saturation making the roof more prominent. I adjust the luminance downward to keep it from completely jumping off the image. I use a similar procedure for the purple in the sky. You can follow all the steps again in the video below.

Try it for yourself. A useful habit is to save the settings you’ve made in Looks so you can use them again next time. You can then find them again in the user looks. Finally, it is nice to see the before and after situation.

Before and after compare

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