Vereenvoudiging is de techniek om een compositie te reduceren tot alleen de meest essentiële elementen die de visuele verklaring ondersteunen. Deze techniek is vooral moeilijk voor fotografen. Studio-instellingen worden bestuurd, maar in het geval van straatfotografie, improvisatie en situaties waarbij je uit de losse pols fotografeert, is het vaak onmogelijk om dingen “in het frame” te besturen die de compositie niet ondersteunen. Landschap, architectuurfotografie en interieurs vormen ook uitdagingen van onnodige elementen. Deze zaten ook in de foto boven dit artikel het creëert wel balans.

Simplification is a challenge to reduce the impact of external topics. This may have to do with re-framing, changing the point of view, coming closer or going back (to reduce proportion), focus and other techniques to bring the necessary elements to the fore.

It should be noted here that simplification implies minimalism. Although this is an important part of minimalism, it is not limited to just that visual style. It simply means that you connect to only the essential elements.

For example, suppose you photograph a skyline at night and there is a lamppost in the frame. This will probably diminish your visual image, so you will want to find a way to make the part of the composition (probably unlikely) or to get it out. This may require a change of view, move to a new location or any number of solutions.

The example image I use here is the famous Stravinsky portrait of Arnold Newman. The last shot has been trimmed for simplification. The image was fairly simple to start with, a portrait of the great composer who was sitting behind a piano with a white background. However, the final decision to crop the image was made to maximize visual impact. All forms are not eliminated integrally. This allows the shapes created by the dark piano to have more visual impact. The subject's head attracts more attention since it is now closer to the edge of the frame. There is now a sense of balance that was not so prominent in the original photo.

Compositie, Vereenvoudiging
Compositie, Vereenvoudiging
Compositie, Vereenvoudiging


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