Negative space is the technique to use elements with a low impact to contrast your subject in an image. That is not always uniform color, it is more the contrast with the high impact character of the subject. This can be an even color, but can also be an area with little contrast, low texture, subtle transition, etc.

This concept of creating images is similar to how we exist as human beings. If we don't get a balance of space and activity, we can become claustrophobic. This concept works in much the same way in visual composition. Having a balance between high and low impact activity can emphasize the subject in the photo and give the viewer a natural and calming effect. In particular in a minimal composition it is often used.

Below I show a number of examples of negative space in some of my photos.

Compositie, Negatieve Ruimte
Staring In The Water

A sea of negative space for the cat. It also has the effect of viewing space for the cat. The effect is even stronger in the black and white version in the headline of the article.

Compositie, Negatieve Ruimte
Just A Little Bird On A Roof

With this bird actually the same story. Again a minimal composition.

Compositie, Negatieve Ruimte
The Rider That Came Out Of Nothing And Went Into Nothing

Here the negative space is more or less formed by the fog.

Compositie, Negatieve Ruimte
Minimal Motion

Literal space as a negative space. The posts of the nets and the boat are minimalist, as are the water birds. Furthermore, a sea of space.

Negatieve ruimte
Negative space


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