You can now download Color Project 4 for a month, free of charge. Color perception is in the eye of the viewer.
Dull colors, matte shadows, cloudy sky, midday sun - the perfect light is hard to come by. Forget everything you've heard so far about photo editing, COLOR-projects 4 is your magic wand for your photos. Enjoy photography and take fantastic photos! It is still free too!

New: selective photo processing with intelligent, sensitive contour recognition.

  •      New: fast optimization assistant - desired effect with one click
  •      New: complete, free Lightroom plug-in included
  •      For Mac and Windows
  •      Can be used in different ways: Color Projects 4 can work as a plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® and Lightroom® and as a stand-alone application.

You can now download this program for free. To do this, go to Shareware On Sale and follow the instructions the screen. Please note, there is also a manual in the download.

Do you first want to know more about the pragramma? please view the Color Projects website. You can also view the video below as an example.

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