Street Color

Color and light in street photography

More and more you see artistic street photographs in color. This gives them a certain style that was first thought to be achievable only with black and white photography. But dramatic effects can also be achieved with color photography. An example was already shown on this website with an experiment.

Hello, It's Me
Hello, It’s Me

This photo was an impetus to develop a new style for street photographs for myself. I continued to embroider on my seriesFramed On The Streets“. This series was created in 2019 after I took some street photos in Thessaloniki. These photos I already gave a different atmosphere by giving them a different hue. The series came to a halt for a while but another week in Greece this spring gave me new ideas for the series.

What is the difference now?

At the time, I had a Color Efex preset which gave the photos a pleasant vintage color. I thought that was already a nice change in style because with street photography I worked almost by definition in black and white. Now I broaden the processing by working with bokeh. This allows me to put subjects more strongly in the picture. I also work a lot with light and dark, lately in combination with bokeh.

Street Color
Disappearing Red

The steps in the process

I use the following steps.

In DXO Photolab I do the color settings of the RAW photo.

In Viveza, I darken the photo except for the main subject or subjects.

In Analog Efex give in a vignette and bokeh, Analog Effex has perfect filters for this.

The post-processing I do in Color Efex with a blur filter and the filter “Darken Lighten Center”.

At each step, of course, you must already have the next steps in mind to make the effects work out the way you want them to.

Look At That!
Look At That!


Huh, what? No preset? No, this is my own style. It’s your challenge to develop your own style with what I’ve told you here. Good luck.

Het is alleen maar eerlijk om te delen: