Churchyard is the setting that you can use in Silver Efex that gives your photo an antique look with a soft grain. The result has a dark mood that completely fits the cemetery. You can download the preset below. Install it in Silver Efex. At the bottom of this article is a link to a brief instruction how to install presets.

An example of the before and after situation:

Download the preset:

analog presets
NIK Software

Install presets

In an article you see step by step how to install presets in the NIK software. In addition, you can watch in a video how that works.

Grave Sessions

Hier onder zie je de volledige “Grave Sessions” waar je doorheen kunt wandelen door op de pijlen te klikken. Als je een foto op Flickr wilt bekijken dan klik je op de foto zelf.

Nature On The Graveyard
Zie hier alle foto’s van de “Grave Sessions”

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