Landscapes change into a fantasy image. Many people want that, but often do not know how. Here a compact explanation.

You can see the photo below.


What should I use to adjust the photo like this?

In any case, a photo editor that allows you to soak in layers. I use Affinity photo for this myself, but any other editor who can handle layers is also allowed. An easy-to-use program with layers is Paint.Net and it is still free to use too.

Below I will show you roughly what I do in Affinity Photo. We can do this using a single image such as the one below.


The processing


First we go to the window with the layers. This is where most of this happens in this case. You can see that there are three layers. The Background that is the original photo of the monument. Then you see a 2nd Background above. That is a photo of the lightning beam that lies over the already existing background. The transparancy is put on 72% so that the background can be seen from the layer below. The setting of the marked layer is set to hard light, but other settings can also work, but just what you want. So you just have to experiment with this.

The top layer is the two layers combined and on this layer I made the last adjustments with Color Efex so that the atmosphere was as I wanted.

In this case, this was actually the entire operation. In the final situation before the publication I added 2 more layers in which my signature of the photo is.

You can view the end result below, including the signature. I have recently applied this to images that I publish on the web.

End result

And now to get started yourself, you now have all the information and a link to software to get you started!



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