Social Abstinence 26


Music for film


Once upon a time I started making videos of my street photos. In the meantime many videos have been posted, most of them with music by others. I have now taken up music making again and this is the first…

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Color and light in street photography

Street Color

More and more you see artistic street photographs in color. This gives them a certain style that was first thought to be achievable only with black and white photography. But dramatic effects can also be achieved with color photography. An…

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Twirls in Affinity Photo


Fun to do in this virus time, you’re home anyway and you can get to know your photo software a little better. Making Twirls. I came up with this idea through a post on a Luminar Facebook page. There the…

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Signing your photo, how do you do it?


Digital signature In an already older article I had already discussed the usefulness of a digital signature. I wrote this then because I saw so many cluttered and large watermarks on photos which I thought was just a shame. The…

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