The photo you see here was made with a screen print when at the time these people were on Zaventem at the time of the attacks. The photo was also used not much later in a report on the Brexit, probably by the title "We are all refugees". Because it was a screen capture, I have placed the photo in the public domain from the beginning and it is nice if it is used so quickly for such a report. You can now also download the report here, it is still current. On the report you can also see the name on the photo. A true example of how to do it.

We Are All Refugees

Beond Autumn

You can download the report below

ORF Special Report

The Brexit Report

The photos are in the Flickr album "Statements" where there are more similar photos that all express a certain event. You can view them below.

We Are All Refugees
We Are All Refugees


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