Bench is a preset that brings out the shine of objects in Black and White view. To change the light shine you have to select the radial filter, then you see the pin appear on your photo.

Radial filter to adjust light spot

Click on the pin and then you can change the extra light in the photo in the tab of the radial filter. See the photo below, the radial filter is selected here.

On the photo below you see the selected pin, it is the only one in the photo so that can hardly go wrong.

Below that again you see the before and after situation of the preset.

You can view the result as I published it on Flickr .

The pin of the radial filter
Before and after the operation

You can install the presets by importing them into Lightroom, after you have unpacked the presets. read here once again how this works. Good luck with the use, and don't forget that you can adjust the settings to your own taste.

Download the preset:

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