I started today with a new series of photos, "Beginnings". The series is about plants and trees at the start of their growth. The buds and branches are highlighted in the photo by using the widest possible aperture. This also creates a nice soft background. Try it yourself, I use a 35 mm lens at f1.8. An additional advantage is that the shutter speed is quite high as a result of which motion blur is almost always excluded. Only focusing in this case is a precise piece of work that you can already forget in strong winds (unless you can fix the subject properly).

Do you also want to take these photos? Then look for a forest at the end of the afternoon, because of the light, and take your photos there. Below you can see the photos that I have taken.

All my work can be found in the photo portfolio. You can see the photos on Flickr. Here you can see the newest photo, if you click on it you can view the photos in bulk. You can switch back and forth between the photos with the arrows at the bottom on the side. You can also navigate with the arrow keys or swipe. You will see 20 photos per set, the photos are sorted from new to old.

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