Now that the world is so turned upside down by a virus, you would almost forget it, but it is also spring. Everything comes out of the bud again and starts to grow and bloom with the most beautiful colors. Reason enough to continue this series.

I have used a variety of lenses for the series over the years, so it really remains an experimental experience. Although, now, with the 90mm macro lens, it is more like the usual way of photographing plants. Here too, however, I use a very narrow depth of field, which gives you a nice effect in terms of sharpness and color.

The series started in 2017 and every year there is now some replenishment on Flickr so look at the camera info to see which lenses have been used. You will see that for these types of photos you do not necessarily have to work with an expensive macro lens.

I am thinking about making the series this year in bright cheerful colors, somewhat like a counterpart to the series Social Abstinence. For the time being, the series will continue for a while because the period of withdrawal from contact has been extended to April 28.

You can also view the photos at Instagram.

In the meantime, stay safe and hang on. We beat the virus!

Beginnings 2020


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