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New Year Anthem


This year, instead of a photo, I published music to usher in the new year. Of course again completely made with synthesizer but semi classical. For now just the link to Bandlab where it was first published. Orchestra samples were…

PhotoDiva for your portraits


When I was asked if I would consider a photo editing program and a completely free portrait editor, I was intrigued. After researching, I came up with one name- PhotoDiva photo editing software. I wanted to see if something you…

Music now on Youtube as well

Funny Walks

I had started making music for videos. After a while I had more music than videos so I decided to also put my music on Youtube with visualizations. These are moving images set to music. I enclose the first 2…

Music of 2021


In a previous article, I mentioned that I am going to make my own music for videos with street photography. I have already made quite a few songs this year and you can download them if you want to use…