Most of my photos have copyrights. Copyrights to this may differ, so I explain this here. You might think, copyrights are copyrights, but there are many types. The maker of the photo remains bound by name at all times as a photographer. Only if the photo has been made by order can the rights lie with the client.

Now I take all my photos myself and decide what happens to them. I still want to keep a number of photos for myself, but more and more I am releasing photos that anyone can use under certain conditions. The three copyrights I use are:

Public Domain

Public domain photos are photos that you can use without any conditions. They are Public Domain because I made them available on Pixabay, where you can download the photo. I also use them occasionally on this website. Also on the links page I have many examples of websites with free photos. Please note that occasionally misuse is made of it and material is added that is subject to rights.

Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike

I generally give this license to my street photos. That means you can use the photo but you must give my name and a link to a website of mine if you do this. You can download these photos from Flickr. An example is the "Minaret Series" that you can see below. If you click on a photo in Flickr you can download it.

All rights reserved

In other words, you must obtain written permission from me, a so-called user license, for use. Usually this is paid for but I can also decide to give the license for free. Note that the license is only for use of the photo, it will always remain my property. A license can be sold to multiple users unless someone buys the photo in its entirety. Then the rights are also transferred to the buyer. Another example of this is below, the "Dark Series". You cannot simply download this, but you must first contact me to get a licence.


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