Usually when I publish a new preset, I often indicate that you have to experiment with the settings. The same goes for the type of photos that you edit with it. Just a reminder, at Nightswimming I used most photos with water because there the preset was created. An example is shown below.

After the preset

This time I applied the preset to a forest in which I mounted a figure with Gothic clothes on. I felt that a dark scene with a separate light would do the picture well. In addition to another application, I also made a number of adjustments to the preset to make the image not too dark, for example. Furthermore, in Affinity Photo , I added some light paths, albeit very light, but sufficient to influence the overall image in atmosphere.

Because there are so many possibilities, I made a separate album on Flickr to show the photos together, the so-called “ Dark Series “. You can also view the series below.

The album "Dark Series" can be found in the photo portfolio. You can see the photos on Flickr. Here you can see the newest photo, if you click on it you can view the photos in bulk. You can switch back and forth between the photos with the arrows at the bottom on the side. You can also navigate with the arrow keys or swipe. You will see 20 photos per set, the photos are sorted from new to old.

Do you have the NIK Collection? Then you can see the preset here download and enjoy it. Below the download there is a link to an article in which you can find step by step how to install the preset.

So, and now it's time to experiment yourself. Get your nice or nice results then let me know. Your story about how you made something is also interesting. you can reach me through the contactform.

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