Shoot black and white on purpose

Black and white requires a different way of looking than in color. Black and white is much more about differences in light than in color and you have to get used to that. If you intentionally shoot with black and white in mind once a week, you will see that the pictures are moving forward by leaps and bounds.

Focus on what makes black and white interesting

Search for things like tonality, texture and light in black and white. Vary the light within the frame if possible.

Adapt to the situation of the light

Be realistic about the light situation you have. Look for things you can shoot with a particular lighting situation you're in. The environment does not adapt the way you want so you have to reverse this, you have to adapt. There is no bad light.

Make good use of the environment

Pay attention to shapes, dimensions, reflections, things like that, that can make a photo interesting. Also photograph the environment, which can accentuate a particular situation. Good subject, good light and good environment are the defining trio for your photo.

Photograph the widest possible contrast range

Use the zone system of Ansel Adams. He found in this system that if all grayscale were present, you usually had a good photo in terms of contrast and tonality.

Change perspective

This applies to all types of photography, find an interesting angle to shoot from, this usually makes the photo more interesting. Give the viewer the chance to see the world differently, from a different angle.

Do the post-processing thoughtfully

Let the photo determine the post-processing. The way of editing is usually already in the photo and in the vision you have with the photo. The finishing with the layer of varnish that finishes the image.

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